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Weiss Kreuz Rating
7th-Jul-2008 09:34 pm
What character would be your love match?

Name: Elwen Rhiannon...
Age: 28
Previous stamps/do you agree? Kapitel!Ken - much less cheerful and naive, though I like soccer and children, too. Mirror Kapitel!Yohji - could be. Tokyo Sling - I feel like that sometimes. Secretary - no; no matter how many times I apply for this job, I never get it.
Do you have a gender preference for this theme? For this theme, I'd ask for a man.
Do you mind being matched with a much older/younger character? Age does not matter, maturity does. Some people are more grown up and responsible in early twenties than other in late forties. The looks do not matter that much (speaking about purely physical attraction, at the age of 28, I'm attracted to both older and younger men) and I wouldn't give a damn about what would my family, colleagues or anyone else say. Yet I do want a mental man, not a boy, and absolutely don't intend to babysit my partner - if I wanted a *child*, I'd adopt it.

How do you perceive yourself? huge problems with self-confidence, very low opinion about myself
How do people perceive you? children like me and so do some of my students; as for other people, they rather dislike me, at least at the beginning of the relationship - I was told that one has to get to know me to start liking me; some people praise my knowledge,some like my "specific" sense of humour, but I have an impression that my general problems with opening to people are mistaken for self-conceit; other people seem to mistake my general quietness for stupidity and not being able to see what their motives are (I often do, and very clearly, it's just that I don't care enough to act)

What is your ideal significant other like? personality above all, as very few things are more irresistible to me than people who know how to use brains - though I would like my significant other to have heart too; among other traits, the most important ones are loyalty (I'm highly monogamic - occasional "adventures" may be acceptable for some people, they are not for me) including also depending on each other, mutual respect, intelligence, sense of humour and level of libido working well with mine
What traits would you not like to see in them? dishonesty, hypocrisy, lack of sense of humour, unnecessary cruelty, always "knowing better", being unable to discuss and respect other point of view, having a "traditional" point of view on woman's place in the world; he does not have to share my interests, but I don't want them to be mocked ("anime is for idiots" etc.)
Would you prefer him/her to be more...
Extroverted or introverted? too extrovert people are tiring - calm, yet with character
Outgoing or shy? somebody who'd give me an impulse to go out would be nice
Conservative or all-out? if by "conservative" you understand "honest, honorable, respecting women, not humilating others in public unless they really deserve it", than yes, if "traditional family is sacred per se, feminists and homosexuals will burn in hell", than no
Serious or cheerful? serious, but rather cheering me up than giving reasons to kill myself
Controlled or impulsive? controlled

Do you think your vision of the ideal partner matches with what your real significant other is/would be like? I remain single for a reason: I don't want a prince on a white horse (I don't trust too perfect images... though when I think about it, I'd like to have a horse ^^), but I know that I can open only to a specific kind of a man and going out with/being married to someone is not a miraculous cure for loneliness, and being perfectly aware that I can be single till the end of my days, yes, I am waiting for someone who will match my vision.

How much time daily would you like to spend with your partner? How often would you meet? if we didn't live together, I'd like to meet at least few times a week, if we did, as I stress my need to have a work and keep my personal space, probably a few hours, depending on the type of our jobs
And then? How would you like to spend your time with him/her? having some time to spend, I'd like to travel, no matter where, visiting new places, learning new things together, being "cut off" from our everyday life and put somewhere else; I'd like to try all those things that are too dangerous or impossible to do for a single female (including very NC-17 stuff, too)
What do you feel is the most important part of any relationship? loyalty
What does "love" mean to you? as a feeling, something that has many faces; as a word, something people like to speak loudly about on every occasion, often using it as a "big" cover for very shallow things
What do you think about gender roles in relationships? stereotypes do exist, but people are mistaken taking them as constant models, perfect, actual and satisfying in every time and space, because they do change with the world; if I wanted to be sarcastic, I'd say that I'd consider being "a real woman", whatever that means, only alongside "a real man" - and speaking seriously, I have too much temper to allow anyone put me in a place because "you are a woman, you don't understand, you should/n't do this or that" and absolutely refuse to sacrifice my needs and desires to my partner and our hypothetical family and taking all house duties on myself only because "it's woman's role to do so" (compromise is another thing) because I consider this an absolutely idiotic argument; not to make this answer too long, I think that the term "partner" is crucial here - nobody is better or worse only because of being male or female part in a relationship

Links to the open applications on which you have voted on - four/less if not available. (Votes on both theme and normal applications are acceptable but you can't use the same ones you used for your previous application.)

For Voters: check out the Theme Post to make voting easier.
7th-Jul-2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
definatley wanna say kapitel!yohji, can be serious and has a nice personality, and despite the fact he hits on women he does respect them and he is loyal^^
18th-Jul-2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
After a lot of thinking, I'll go with Knight. Yes, I know - he's impulsive and you wanted someone controlled... But on the other hand:
if by "conservative" you understand "honest, honorable, respecting women, not humilating others in public unless they really deserve it", than yes, if "traditional family is sacred per se, feminists and homosexuals will burn in hell", than no
Yuushi all the way. I cannot think of any other character who would fit better than him. Traditional values (somehow I do see him as a very monogamic person), his honesty, loyalty and sincerity... He'd give you an impulse to go out, too.
28th-Oct-2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
I think Knight would suit you. Your third section reminds me a LOT of him (or, at least, of how I see him). Except for the "controlled" bit (for I think Knight rather impulsive), I do believe he's got personality and I personally find him very intelligent and loyal, things you value in a men. He's quite the handsome devil, too~.
5th-Jul-2009 07:53 pm (UTC) - STAMPED
Better late than never...

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