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weiss_rate's Journal

Weiss Kreuz Rating
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Welcome to the Weiss Kreuz Rating Community!

1. You must join the community to post.
2. No flaming or insulting any other members. No accusing people of pushing on a certain character, especially when you don't know them personally.
3. Just because you haven't been stamped yet, does not mean you can't vote on anyone. Please vote!
4. No cosplay pictures. We want to see the real you.
5. All surveys/pictures are to be behind an lj-cut.
6. Please, provide links to the open applications you've voted on (four links/less if not available).
7. You're allowed one re-stamp, so long as you've been stamped longer than two weeks. Please make sure to tell us who you were stamped as before.
8. To make sure you've read the rules put "Neither devil nor death" in the subject line.
9. You will be stamped after getting three votes for the same character or five votes in total.
10. All comments are screened by default - we want to make the rating fair. One of the mods will unscreen them after enough votes is gathered.
11. Check out the AVAILABLE CHARACTERS list.

1. As said before, no being rude to someone or insulting them.
2. We're stamping the applications chronologically from oldest to newest, so try to vote on the older ones.
3. Try to give a little explaination as to why you chose the character you're giving someone. It's more fun then.
4. Bold your votes, please.
5. All comments are screened by default but if your vote shows - please screen it.

Characters/Stamps/Stamped Members

In hope to make this community at least a little bit active, all monthly themes are open. More details HERE.

Our Themes
February Theme: Your position in Kritiker.
March Theme: Mirror/Look-alike.
April Theme: Your Weiss Kreuz theme song.
May Theme: What team would you be on?
June Theme: What weapon would you use?
July Theme: What character would be your love match?
August Theme: Your image flower.
September Theme: Your mortal enemy.
October Theme: Your parents (mirror).
November Theme: Your parents (personality).

Would you like to suggest a theme? Please comment here.

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